Shri Jairam Ashram, Haridwar

Shri Late Devendra Swarup Ji Maharaj purchased a piece of land at Bhim Gaura in 1972 in the holy land of Haridwar on the bank of river Ganga. In the memory of Adiguru Brahmchari Shri Jai Ram Ji Maharaj he started the construction work of a spacious building in 1974. After a hard labour of 12 years the building was completed. The Ashram replete with all the comforts, attained popularity very soon and more so because it is being used for the service of the humanity.

Shri Devendra Swarup Ji Maharaj established charitable hospital, Annan Bhandar and Library for the benefit of the common people.

This Ashram is a picture of beauty and elegance. On the main entrance there is a huge painting depicting “Sagar Manthan”. A series of colourful lights have been put up around the temple, at night when the fountains are running in the lawn, the scene is extremely appealing to the eyes. A crowd of visitors gathers around this area to have a glimpse of this scene.

The Ashram has 512 rooms meant for free lodging of pilgrims. It also houses a charitable hospital which offers free medical aid to the poor and to the pilgrims. Frequently free eye camps are also organized in the hospital where the poor people are treated for many eye ailments. Free reading glasses are also distributed. Owing to these public welfare activities the Ashram has earned an unprecedented popularity.

The reverend heavenly Shri Ganga Swarup Bhramchari Ji had two disciples one Shri Devendra Swarup Ji Maharaj and the other Swami Narayan Brahmchari Ji Maharaj. Shri Narayan Brahmchari Ji Maharaj established one Sanskrit school and two Ashrams under the name of Shri Jai Ram Niwas and Kasturi Ram Mandeep Ashram in Haridwar. Both these Ashrams provide free lodging services to the pilgrims.

Shri Narayan Swarup Brahmchari Ji Maharaj was born in district Jind in Haryana. He spent his life in the company of Sanskrit scholars and in the service of saints and society. He served the pilgrims selflessly in the Kumbh festival at Haridwar and at Allahabad. It was his selfless service that prompted him to establish the two Ashrams.

Prospective Plan for Haridwar Ashram
Since a long time a need was felt to have a educational centre in which modern education system was amalgamated with the Indian culture. Reverend Shri Devendra Swarup Ji Maharaj had a long cherished dream to have an institution which blended Vedic education with modern education. Due to his falling health he could not fulfill his dream. It was his disciple Shri Brahmchari Brahm Swarup Ji who fulfilled his dream.

Five kilometers away from Rishikesh, on Rishikesh – Haridwar Bypass near Jai Ram garden, nestled close to Shivalik range, stands Shri Devendra Swarup Brahmchari international public school. The school is surrounded by mango orchids and rare flora.

There is serenity all over. Filled with the natural beauty the environment offers a great peace to the body and soul. It seems as if the mother Saraswati is herself guiding the path of the students.

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