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Where people are always devoted to the work of others welfare is the land of sages. Shri Devendra Swarup Brahmchari Ji a disciple of Shri Jai Ram Maharaj always worked for charity, propagation of Sanskrit education, service to cows. It is the result of his hard labor that today all the Jai Ram Institutions are involved in multipurpose activities and working towards the social welfare.

Shri Kanchi, Kamkoti, Mahasthanam

Narayan Smriti,

You are my soul. You have done a great service to the humanity.

Devraha Baba

The source of religious inspiration, Jai Ram Annanchetra, Jai Ram Goshala, Jai Ram Ashram have been established by a great person like Shri Devendra Swarup Brahmchari Ji. In a period of 40 years I have seen many facets of his personality. As a judge, President of Municipal Committee, Manager of Ashrams, selfless devotee of the sages, lover of cows and a proven capable manager. He is truly a perfect manager. His followers can make their life successful by emulating his way of life.

Samanvya Kutir, Saptsarovar
Haridwar – 249090 (Uttarakhand)

-Swami Satya Mitra Nand
Editor – Bharat Mata Mandir

‘‘श्रेय: कुर्वन्ति भूतानां साधवों दुस्त्यतजासुभि:’’
This is the command of Bhagwat Geeta that Saints sacrifice their life for the well being of others. This line is apt to describe the selfless service of Shri Brahmchari Ji. He has dedicated his life to the service of the society, cow, pilgrims, managing annanchetra and hospitals. He is the worshiper of the sages and has always been persevering for the propagation of Sanskrit language.

Baba Doodhachari, Harigiri Goshala
Uchana (Jind) Haryana

-Swami Ganeshanand Giri

Shri Brahmchari Ji is the dedicated Saint, blessed with a great memory. In his long career he has established nearly one dozen Shri Jai Ram Institutions and brought them to the full maturity stage. Some of the well known institutions are Jai Ram Annanchetra, Sanskrit Mahavidhyalaya, Vidhyapeeth Hospitals, Temples, Goshalas and Guest Houses. He has made arrangement for every type of person. No body returns disappointed from his door.

Shri Doodhari Barfani Ashram -
Bhupatwala, Haridwar

 -Prabhu Das, Adhyaksha
Shri Raghavendra Seva Ashram Samiti

I came into contact with Brahmchari Ji Maharaj through Ram Katha. Shri Brahm Swarup Ji has all the qualities of a devoted listener of Ram Charit Manas. In true sense of the words he is a great spiritual man. He is not only a great scholar of Vedas but also has authority over all the subjects and devotion to humanity. In my opinion he is truly a gifted man with great memory and the knowledge of scriptures.


--Morari Bapu

The honorable Shri Brahm Swarup Maharaj Ji is the pride of Indian culture. He has expanded and spread the Jai Ram Ashrams in all directions from Haridwar, Rishikesh, Kurukshetra, Delhi etc. It is his mission to provide basic necessities to the people such as health service, religious conferences, service to cows, education, vedic education etc. He is like a candle in the darkness of the modern world where materialism has become be – all and end – all of life.

Adhyaksh Parmarth Niketan

 -Swami Chidanand Saraswati

I have witnessed the reverend Brahmchari Ji performed Shrimat Bhagwat Gyan Yagya and other religious festivals. I have been greatly impressed by his organizational, managerial and leadership abilities. His simplicity, warmth and awareness are worth emulating. He is blessed with supreme powers which enable him to serve others untiringly.
E-2 Aditya Apartments, Old Nagardas Road
Andheri (E) Mumbai – 400068

- Ramesh Bhai Ojha

Shri Brahmchari Ji is blessed with all the virtues. He believes in setting an example by his own actions rather than only preaching. It is a great pleasure to speak on many issues with him. A Saint like him who has control over his heart, over his words and his anger is indeed a infallible man. His Institutions are tirelessly working for social good.


 -Krishan Chand Shastri (Thakur Ji)

His personality has left indelible mark on my mind. In addition to the protection of Sanskrit language, Vedas, Brahmchari Ji is also working ceaselessly for the welfare of the society. No Saint has done as much as he is doing. He is the determined man, a good orator. In my opinion a person like him is blessed with divine power.

Shri Thana Ashram

 - -Satyapal Brahmchari

His life has been continuously dedicated to well being of the society.
 Kailash Ashram, Rishikesh

 -  Swami Vidhyanand Giri

Shri Brahm Swarup Ji is one of those persons who are running the institutions by their rare ability. Whatever work he undertakes he puts his whole and soul into it and makes it a success.

-Kripa Narayan
Pariyojana Prashasak

In Jai Ram Annanchetra no discrimination is made on the basis of caste and creed.
23 May, 1954

- Girdhari Lal
Mantri Uttar Pradesh Sarkar

Shri Devendra Swarup Ji setup an Annanchetra in Surya Grahan festival in Kurukshetra. This institution offers free board and lodging to the Saints and the pilgrims. He also helped the officials entrusted with the arrangement of the festival.

-Laxmi Vashisht
Administrator, Kurukshetra

Shri Devendra Swarup Ji is fully aware of the problems facing the country at this time when China has attacked India. He has left a deep impact on the minds of the people by discussing with them the current problem and inspiring feelings of patriotism in them.

13 February 1963

-Ram Narayan Pandey
Deputy Minister, Irrigation (U. P.)

Shri Jai Ram Annanchetra serves the poor. There is spiritual work being done which is for the welfare of the humanity. There is a good arrangement for lodging.

13 Oct. 1975

-O.P. Mahajan
Minister Local Self Govt. and Housing, Haryana

I am indeed happy to come in contact with Shri Devendra Swarup Ji. Hi is spiritual teacher and committed personality

27 March 1978

-Royal Nepal Ambassador to India

I am impressed by the great work of protecting the ancient culture of India and the propagation of religion by Shri Jai Ram Institutions.
Annamalai Univeristy
Tamil Naidu

Dr. M. G. Muthu Kumar Swami
Vice Chancellor

Shri Jai Ram Vidhyapeeth is serving selflessly the cause of education. This is the true spirit of the ancient India.
2 2 March 1997

-G.V.G. Krishnamurthi
Election Commissioner, India,
New Delhi

I have always seen Shri Devendra Swarup Brahmchari Ji as a truly dedicated personality. He has the ability to inspire others and devote himself to the service of society. He is the good judge of human character. He is determined to accomplish the task of building Ashrams for the human welfare. There is deep reflection of selfless and honest service for others. When a person feels motivated to devote his life to religion and propagation of culture, such a person is always ready to undertake any work associated with this holy deed. There are very few people in the society who inspire trust of the people. Shri Devendra Swarup Ji’s life is an inspiration for others. Today the society needs people like him who have commitment to service and a resolute to serve others.

Indorama, New Delhi

-Mohan Lal Lohia

Brahmchari Shri Devendra Swarup Ji is the great asset of the modern age to the mankind. I had heard a great popularity about this Karm Yogi. But when I met him 28 years ago in Shri Jai Ram Annanchetra, Rishikesh I was amazed by his work and dedication. Since then he has become my source of inspiration. After acquiring higher education in Sanskrit and culture he decided to become a Brahmchari and devote himself to the service of humanity at the age of 16. With the blessings of mother Ganga his selfless devotion to the well being of the mankind is flowing like the Ganga itself. He is like a holy trinity of Dharma, Karma and service.


Kedar Nath Modi

Shri Brahmchari Ji is a conscious sentry of spiritualism, good behavior and adaptability. He can truly be called “A Yug Purush”. His views have always been in favour of equality of all. His life, his eating habits and its ideals have been pure and worth following. He dedicated his life to the protection of traditions laid down by the sages. A part from teaching, preaching, it is his humility, his warmth that impresses the people who come in contact with him. He showed great respect to others. He will always remain a great ideal for the society.


Dr Swami Shyam Sunder Daras

Maharaj Devendra Swarup Ji is like a Saint. Despite the huge Ashrams, buildings, that he has founded he has always shown concern for others comfort at the cost of his own comfort. Indeed Maharaj Ji is an embodiment of self sacrifice and unattached to creature comforts. His entire life has been dedicated to the service of society. I bow in reverence before such a great Saint. I pray to god that may his life be like an illumination that lightens the path of others.



In creating spiritual awareness the Vidhyapeeth is an Institution that has played a significant role.


Sharda Devi
Daughter Shri P.V. Narshima Rao
Former Prime Minister, India


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